About Us


To improve the vitality of local forests and related human communities by connecting local, responsibly grown and processed wood with local projects.

We are composed of forest owners and millwrights; retailers and distributors; designers and architects; craftsmen and builders; developers and homeowners; and other individuals who are interested in developing our local economy through sustainable forestry.

The Build Local Alliance works with businesses in northwest Oregon and southwest Washington within the geographical boundaries indicated on our service map.

Strategic Partnership

In the summer of 2012, the Build Local Alliance entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to become “strategic partners” with Sustainable Northwest.

The BLA is excited to partner with Sustainable Northwest, a non-profit in Portland that finds innovative solutions for healthy landscapes and vibrant communities. They have been instrumental in leading the development and promotion of local, responsibly grown wood.

Sustainable Northwest will provide strategic direction, development and communications assistance to help the BLA achieve our goals of connecting local, responsibly grown wood to the urban marketplace.


Back in the summer of 2005, Stephen Aiguier and fellow wood users were determined to use local responsibly grown wood, but it was difficult to find. At the same time, Peter Hayes and fellow forest owners believed that their forests were growing local wood responsibly, but they had problems reliably connecting with wood users to whom this mattered. Recognizing the success of the Farmer-Chef Connection in solving a related set of problems, Stephen and Peter asked each other “Why not adapt the idea and apply it to wood?” So Peter and Stephen teamed up in hopes of creating a similar solution and the Build Local Alliance was born.

Guided by an experienced, committed board and supported by its diverse, creative, and resourceful membership, the BLA is on a successful track to solidly connect wood users to their local forests. Enthusiasm surrounding BLA activities and events is contagious. Contributions from builders, architects, wood workers, millers, distributors, foresters, and non-profit organizations have turned a simple idea into a successful reality.