Foresters and Millwrights

The cycle from tree to finished product begins with the forest. The Build Local Alliance defines responsible forestry as a forest that meets or exceeds Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) management standards. In addition, we support the use of trees that need to be taken down in urban areas that can be “salvaged” and utilized instead of going to the landfill or other less valuable uses.

While many of our forester members are FSC certified, we also know that good wood can come from responsibly managed forests that may not have gone through the process of third party certification. These members are asked to explain how their forest meets or exceeds FSC standards. The BLA supports this goal by connecting consumers with the foresters who provide their wood so that their responsible practices may be verified first-hand.

To better understand the forest management we support and to see native species, check out our Wood Watch program and join us on our annual Summer Forest Tour!

Millwrights process the timber once it has been harvested.  BLA millwright members recognize the value of all native tree species, and endeavor to capture the highest value products from each species.  They prefer sourcing logs from forests managed to FSC or better standards when at all possible.  In addition, Build Local Alliance millwrights often specialize in sourcing urban salvage logs, and turning them into high value end products.