Featured Member Projects

Delivering Hard to Find Certified and Salvaged Wood for Seventeen Years

FSC Certified Western Red Cedar sourced locally from Build Local Alliance members, used to build a beautiful deck in Dexter, Oregon.

  Mike Barnes and Twila Jacobsen own Cascadia Forest Goods LLC, a business built on delivering hard to find FSC, Recycled, and Salvaged wood products, with a focus on flooring, siding and decking. Being involved in the FSC from inception has enabled Cascade Forest Goods to develop relationships with small land owners, mills, and suppliers […]


A Carefully Crafted Chest

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Nussbaum

Jonathan Nussbaum of Jonathan A. Nussbaum Furniture Maker  creates incredible, hand crafted furniture from wood sourced and grown locally. Born in Salem, Jonathan grew up with an appreciation for the forests and rivers of Oregon. His family would visit with the Deumling family at nearby Zena Forest. Their model of restoration forestry is a continued […]


Food & Forests: The Food Front Cooperative Grocery

Food Front Counter, Image Courtesy of Peter Hayes

Food Front Cooperative Grocery recently remodeled their NW Portland store, putting in a new countertop created by Jetwoodshop from wood at Hyla Woods, both BLA members. Longtime supporters of local, responsibly grown food in the Pacific Northwest (and winners of Edible Portland’s 2013 Local Heroes Award), Food Front has expanded this concept to the support of local, responsibly-grown forestry. Food Front was founded in […]


A Maple Transformation


BLA members turn beautiful trees into equally beautiful, craftsman pieces. This is especially evident in the work of Jonathan Nussbaum, owner of Jonathan A. Nussbaum Furniture Maker, a BLA member and strong advocate for local, responsibly harvested wood. Jonathan works with many species of wood to create classic fine furniture that highlights the beauty of […]


BLA Members Tackle the Living Building Challenge


Builder James Arnold and his crew at JRA Green Building Construction recently built a custom home for a client in Southwest Portland. But, it was not just any custom home. The client decided to go for the Living Building Challenge. The Challenge is a strict rating system that leaps far beyond LEED in its requirements […]


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