Beaver Creek Home

Nestled within the mixed conifer forest of Beaver Creek, OR, this new home is built entirely with FSC® Certified framing lumber and locally sourced hardwoods for its interior finishes. The homeowners, founders of an international environmental nonprofit, are deeply committed to responsible forestry and guided the design and build process to ensure their new home reflected these values.

Most of the wood used in this home was sourced through members of the Build Local Alliance. The framing lumber and plywood were harvested from FSC forests in Oregon and Northern California and were purchased through Sustainable Northwest Wood, as was the FSC®  Big Leaf Maple flooring used throughout the home. The Doug Fir trim that frames the interior doors and windows was grown by Hyla Woods and purchased through Sustainable Northwest Wood. BLA member Green Hammer’s urban salvage operation, Urban Timberworks, supplied the one-of-a-kind live-edge countertop for the kitchen.

The extensive use of FSC®  Certified wood products in this home won it an Honorable Mention in the Design & Build with FSC® 2011 competition.

BLA Members Involved: Sustainable Northwest Wood, Hyla Woods, Green Hammer, Urban Timberworks

Wood Species Used: Big Leaf Maple, Douglas Fir, Madrone

Project Type: Trim, Countertop

Food & Forests: The Food Front Cooperative Grocery

Food Front Counter, Image Courtesy of Peter Hayes

Food Front Counter, Image Courtesy of Peter Hayes

Food Front Cooperative Grocery recently remodeled their NW Portland store, putting in a new countertop created by Jetwoodshop from wood at Hyla Woods, both BLA members. Longtime supporters of local, responsibly grown food in the Pacific Northwest (and winners of Edible Portland’s 2013 Local Heroes Award), Food Front has expanded this concept to the support of local, responsibly-grown forestry. Food Front was founded in 1972 and now has over 10,000 owner-members.

Nestled in their cornucopia of local produce, seafood, and more, are local cutting boards from nearby Hyla Woods. These cutting boards are made from raw lumber delivered to BLA Member, Trillium Pacific Millwork, whose employees are passionate about operating a triple bottom line business to benefit their customers, employees, communities and environment.  (Hyla Woods cutting boards can also be found at: Portland Audubon, Montinore Winery, and Lloyd Farmers Market.)

It was then only natural that Food Front contacted Peter Hayes of Hyla Woods to replace their countertop. Peter carefully selected beautifully figured, kiln-dried wood that had been harvested from a standing, dead oak tree.  As shown in the process photos below, the wood was shaped and finished by James Thompson of Jetwoodshop. James is also a BLA member and finds that the organization is a wonderful way to combine his wood-crafting vocation and his Nature Conservancy restoration avocation.

“A sign above the counter educates customers about the link to local forests,” notes Peter. Now patrons can eat locally, responsibly sourced food on a locally, responsibly sourced table! Check it out in person. Visit the Food Front Cooperative’s NW Portland location.

BLA Members Involved: Hyla WoodsJetwoodshop, Trillium Pacific Millwork

Wood Species Used: Oregon White Oak

Project Type: Countertop