What is Woodwatch?

WoodWatch is an ongoing project of the Build Local Alliance dedicated to building understanding of and enthusiasm for the value and qualities of our local tree and wood species. Though our region’s forests continue to house diverse species of remarkable trees, lack of understanding and appreciation has produced a decline in this diversity in recent decades.

The WoodWatch project seeks to intervene and promote positive change through community education with an eye toward market evolution. In order to enhance appreciation of our local wood species, the BLA WoodWatch team will be producing an authoritative guide to the qualities of local trees and the wood that they provide.

WoodWatch Events

Join the Build Local Alliance at an upcoming event for one of our WoodWatch presentation. These presentations and discussions are open to the public, and are considered by many to be highlights of the BLA’s Spring and Fall Showcases. Presenters focus on one or two species at each event and cover three main topics: 1) The ecology and biology of the live tree in its native environment; 2) The qualities and uses of its wood; and 3) The legacy of use for that tree species.